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Nowadays, many people's phone numbers will be actively and passively grouped on various service platforms, but it is not easy to get off the ship on board, and it is not easy to unleash them, especially when they come across bank cards. Recently, some Internet users reflected the problem of unlinked bank cards and changed the number of the mobile phone. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Bank of China, the State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission responded immediately.

For example, Sichuan Luzhou Internet user "Na Shan Na Shui",The bank transaction information of the former owner of the mobile phone number is unfortunate, but the bank has to issue a paper certificate on the mobile phone number:

The cell phone number always receives the message from the former owner's Agricultural Bank, and is uncomfortable, I went to the bank to ask to unlock my cell phone number and the account of the former head of the family, so that the information was not sent to the bank. my phone.

It was a very simple thing. The Agricultural Bank can find the mobile bank registered by the mobile phone number.The mobile phone online bank can find the ID number of the bank account, so that the person's bank card information and the mobile phone number booked in the bank can be found, and the bank can contact you. The owner of the ABC card called him to untie him.

However, the bank prefers that I prove that this cell number is mine, and I have to print a proof of paper consumption, I can not see it in the mobile application, I have to have a paper certificate. At a time when the Internet of information is so popular nowadays, it is still a small problem to deal with such a small question: it is really an ordinary people!

Can this kind of thing be improved? Can it be changed? It's clearly the problem that the former cell phone number boss has caused me, but I have to prove it. Can not you just call the next owner? Also, my assignment location is not my current place of residence, and the local shopping center can not produce paper materials!

Another example is Wumen Mountain in Wuhan, Hubei.I want to unlock the second hand cell phone number and find out that nobody cares about this:

My mobile number is a second hand number, and this has caused me some problems recently. Because the cell phone owner did not change their original number in some software and bank, which is the number I am using now. So some text messages and unexplained phone calls recently hit my cell phone.

I called the telecommunications customer service and learned that they also acted according to normal procedures, such as turning off cell numbers, not interfering, as this would involve the privacy of the user.

Then this subject turned to me. I discovered that this problem belongs to an area that can not be managed by anyone except the user. I'm worried about how to solve these problems.

Another example is the Internet user "Kitty" in Qingdao, Shandong.Change the cell phone number of the bank card and also go to the business room to queue in person:

Nowadays, many banks do not support the unbundling of mobile phone numbers on the Internet. In many cases, bank cards need to be connected to new numbers of mobile phones, and it is often problematic to go to the bank to wait in line. Therefore, I hope the state can solve the tireless problem and change the cell phone number under the bank card.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced today the official response of the four departments, which will jointly promote the solution:

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

Based on strengthened management of telecommunication network code number resources and strengthening the notification of telecommunication services, it will jointly promote telecommunications companies and banks with the Banking Regulatory Commission, strengthen cooperation, standardize the problems related to the sale number of mobile phones and will establish solutions for bank cards. A long-term mechanism for linking cell phone numbers.

Bank of the People:

Will promote the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology or communications operators and financial regulatory authorities and commercial banks to establish a mechanism for verifying real information for mobile phone numbers, encourage commercial banks to study and explore ways to increase the use of Internet channels to unleash cell phone numbers, strengthen advertising and require commercial banks to reach the same legal entity. Outdating and changing the mobile phone number between different points of sale requires the commercial bank to inform the financial consumer and inform the five parties about unconnected materials procedures.


China Telecom Guide, China Unicom and China Mobile to deeply analyze the problems and shortcomings, are proposed to improve the mechanism of secondary number processing of communication enterprises and explore the establishment of platforms and processing mechanisms between industries.

Banking Regulatory Commission:

It will urge commercial banks to strengthen the information requested and to promote the linking and unlinking of bank cards and mobile phone numbers to customers, as well as guiding commercial banks to further strengthen financial awareness and advertising and to raise awareness of consumer protection and risk prevention capabilities.


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