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Last year, Indian runner-up Gaomei Xin Hufei took an hour and two minutes to beat the hopes of Okinawa on 5, 19, 21 and 17 and proved the glory of the end of the year.

(China, Guangzhou, 16) Not regretted, and Xin Hu finally won the year-end finals!

The World Cup final was the first in the women's singles final on Sunday and last year the Indian runner-up "Gaomei" Xin Hufei took an hour and two minutes to win the 5th hope of the Japanese world by 21 to 19, 21 to 17. First taste the end of yearends.

This is the first world championship of the third Xinhu in 2018. In 2018, she participated in most of the competitions, which were largely stop-and-rematch.The past Indian Badminton Super 500 and the Thai Badminton Super 500 were both shoulders with the champion. More.

However, in high-profile events and attention, Xin Hu performed very well, reaching the finals of the Nanjing Badminton World Championships and the Jakarta-Jugang Asian Games, winning the runner-up and winning the Communist Games in April . The female maiden medal.

Aohara, who lost the game, hopes he will not be able to salvage the championship for Japan. He won second place after three years but his second-half win in Korea, Hong Kong Super 500 is still incredible.

LawDongpingDual mixed hegemony

In the mixed doubles finals, the champions fell early in China because both combinations are host players. In the two main world contests, Wang Haolu and Huang Dongping used 23 to 21, 16 to 21, 21 ratios. 18 defeated the top seed "IELTS combination" thought Zheng and Huang Yaqiong finally broke the record of defeating the last seven battles for the first time to dominate the end of year end.

Later, a singles match will be played, Tao Tian Xiandou, the 24-year-old world champion, who will regain his second year-end since 2015, but will face the challenge of rising star Shi Yuqi, 22, who is to be killed .

Tao Tian: To finish the championship in 2018

Elimination of half-final yesterday South Korea's brother Sun Haohu reported the defeat of Hong Kong game, Tao Tian frankly want to use the (final) championship to end the wonderful 2018. He said: I do not feel tired at the moment, I have physical strength, the game will be very difficult, I will not think about the result, I will try my best to fight. " The group play is all the way, Taotian is winning in two games straight, no wonder. The tower is full of confidence.

In addition, Tao Tian has completed two major records this year, being the first male singles in the history of Japan and the first men's singles world champion in the team's history. The future is at your feet. In addition, in the past, Tao Tian's psychological advantage of winning the victory over Shi Yuqi three times made him more optimistic about the king.

Liu Yuchen is not afraid of Japanese male doubles

Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen will fight against Watanabe and Endo, and both teams have a record in the past, with the Japanese team winning 2 wins and 0 losses, but that does not scare them. by Liu Yuchen.

He said before the game: "It is advantageous for us to reach the finals." The speed of the ball is good for us, it may have its own characteristics, it may take more shots on the scene, but in the end, winning is the most important. "

The two towers yesterday reversed Chen Honglin and Wang Qilin of Taiwan 18-21, 21-12, 21-15, and Watanabe and Endo won 2-0 against Astrup and Rasmus of Denmark Shen

The women's doubles champion will be produced between South Korea and Japan. Li Shaoxi and Shen Shengyu from South Korea challenged top Japanese teams Sonyou Mizuji and Takahashi Ryo to focus on defeating their opponents for the third time this year . Win the year-end championship and see who can laugh at the end.

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