Azar: I always like Real Madrid if I leave the team to see the situation of verano_Zidane


Original title: Azar: I always like Real Madrid if they leave the team to see the situation of the summer

"On December 11, Beijing time, British media" Scoring Network "quoted the French media. Chelsea King Azar said in an interview that he supported Real Madrid from a very young age.When talking about the future planning, Azar said bluntly The exit or not of the team depends on the situation next summer.

As everyone knows, Azar is an infallible fan of Real Madrid, the idol is the star of the Zidane galaxy. In recent seasons, Azar's idol Zidane has coached his favorite team, Real Madrid, so there is a constant spread of Belgian superstars to join the Bernabeu. Regrettably, Zidane helped Real Madrid win the Champions League three times and League champions, and retired this summer, but Azar is still playing for Chelsea. It should be noted that, due to the poor performance of Chelsea, Azar recently showed good results to Real Madrid. In a recent interview, he showed once again his love for the warship of the Galaxy. This time, the good show is based on the news that Real Madrid had to buy Azal for 170 million euros.

After Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo left, Real Madrid's performance plummeted, club president Florentino wants to restart the superstar's policy, shut down Real Madrid supporter Azar. Spanish media broke the news that Real Madrid and Azar and Chelsea reached an agreement, the Belgian superstar to join the Bernabeu in the summer of 170 million euros. Today, Azar shows again Real Madrid and Chelsea have to worry about the future of the Belgian super stars. In a French press interview, Azar said: "I have always liked the Real Madrid club, regardless of whether Zidane is still there, and after the end of this year there is a year left for Chelsea.

It is worth mentioning that when Chelsea King Azar spoke about Real Madrid last time, he even dreamed of playing for the battle ship of the Galaxy. "Real Madrid was my childhood.I dreamed, I dreamed of playing there, so I said that after the World Cup, I said it was time to make a change , because I played a good World Cup, my performance is very good. Sometimes I wake up, I still want to go to Real Madrid, sometimes I think I want to stay, this is a very difficult decision, it is about my future, I do not want to discuss this every day, so do I. "

Azar not only continued to show his good intentions to Real Madrid but also used his excellent performance to prove that he was worthy of the warship of the Galaxy. After the return of the World Cup in Russia, Azar played Chelsea in 18 games and scored 8 goals and 8 assists. Last weekend, Chelsea made a strong dialogue with Stamford Bridge and Manchester City, the Belgian sent 2 assists to to help the team win 2-0. The Blue Moon was given the Premier League's first loss this season.

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