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"Avenger League 4" is hot, Marvel's first puzzle book "Marvel: Top Secret Archive" Synchronous Moment Online – Home, Interactive, First, One, Released – China Entertainment Network

2019-04-29 11:33:23 Source: Zhongyu Network

On April 24, the long-awaited Avengers 4 of the world's millions of fans were officially released, which broke many box office records. At the time of the film's release, Marvel's first interactive puzzle game book "Marvel: Top Secret Archive" was released on April 26 at Moss Point. The book contains nearly 50 files and props, allowing fans to be transformed into a SHIELD agent, gaining a deeper understanding of the legendary superhero story, fighting alongside superheroes and experiencing the original Marvel universe.

The Avengers 4"The whole line is hot, the puzzle book" Marvel: Top Secret Archive "

Since the release of The Avengers 4 on April 24, there has been another box office record, and the 11-year-old super-English legend has begun an epic finale. From "I am Iron Man," which iron fans remembered all fans in 2008, the "Avengers, assemble!", Which pushed the public to its heyday in today's final battle, Marvel used 11 years as We we show the ups and downs, the exciting and touching universe of Marvel.

Designers hope that, in a more interesting way, Marvel can learn more about the touching stories behind superheroes. And no longer as a spectator, but really dedicated to this, incarnation of a SHIELD agent, fighting alongside superheroes to solve the global crisis. So the designer adopted the interactive puzzle book method and released the "Marvel: Top Secret Archive" based on the legendary stories of many heroes in the Marvel universe. This book is the first published by the Authorized Mystery House of the Walt Disney Company. Marvel theme creative interactive puzzle book.

The SHIELD is in great difficulty and the Top Secret Archive allows you to save the superhero on fire.

The jigsaw puzzle game began with an unprecedented crisis in SHIELD SHIELD director Nick Fury was murdered, the US captain, Iron Man, Spider-Man and other superheroes were also attacked. Approaching During the investigation of the incident, SHIELD suddenly arrested the black widow and searched for a box of mysterious materials. As a newly hired SHIELD agent, the player will receive a mysterious package containing the top secret files associated with this event. The crisis is inextricably linked to the secrets of past superheroes' experiences. What secrets are there in the past? All of this, we need to discover the historical past of the Super League based on the information in the archive and explore possible clues.

In this game book containing almost 50 files and props, it contains file records directly related to a worldwide crisis, such as the report of the superhero attack, the black widow's record, etc., also including the daily horn newspaper, film X-ray CD, SHIELD retro password disk, Stark Expo tickets and other props, plus Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and other superhero series. These files are not just collections of sentimentality, but also clues and hidden information.

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