"Avenger League 4" 300 dollars a ticket for users to spit "look down" – Xinhuanet – Xinhuanet


  1. "Avenger League 4" 300 dollars a ticket for the spit netizen "look down" – Xinhuanet Xinhuanet
  2. "Avengers 4" relaunch new poster: focus on the first six giants classic reappearance – Movie cnBeta
  3. The zero point field breaks 100 million! The film department corrects the rate service fee "Folk Link 4" can not exceed 10% of the rate fee, otherwise limit the download key Mtime Time Network
  4. "Reunification 4" has become the first story of Chinese cinema to break the film of 100 million – film cnBeta
  5. The story of the Continental movie for the first time! "Re-Link 4" zero-point pre-sale box broke billions | Fulian 4 | Avenger League 4 | "Re-Link 4" box office zero-point broke 100 million
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