Asian Speed! Sun Xingyu staged a thousand miles to go lonely Pingyi blue line of defense _ army objective


Original title: Asian Speed! Sun Xingyu staged a thousand miles to ride a single ride

Tottenham 3-1 wins Chelsea, the Asian ball king Sun Xingyu once again showed his crazy speed, he left the ball on the right side of the court and broke the enemy's lair to send the ball into the net. As you all know, the Chinese star Wu Lei is known for its speed, but this crazy performance of a Korean brother is obviously difficult to copy. With this ball, Sun Xingyu finally reached a 50-goal mark in Tottenham's career.

As one of the BIG6 Premier League teams, Tottenham brought together a number of players, including England captain Harry Kane, England's main midfielder Harry and other stars. However, even so, Sun Xingyu is unwilling to act as a supporting role. In this game, shortly after Ali and Harry Kane broke, Asian King also scored a wonderful goal.

The process of Sun Xingqi's goal is a classic: it is no exaggeration to say that this goal is even a masterpiece of a Korean career. At the time, the game went to the 54th minute, Tottenham 2-0 temporarily led

Ali made a counterattack in the defense court. After Sun Xingyu got the ball in the midfield, he ran along the right side of the attacking block. While he was running with the ball, the Koreans managed to get rid of Jožinho and then fought back. David-Louis's defense opened and finally quickly cut in, and came to the front of the small restricted area and threw his left foot.

Sun Xingyu's goal shocked the fans, the attending fans stood up and applauded, and the Sky Sports commentator, responsible for explaining the game, was "unexpected." Not only that, but even the Chelsea players were shocked and slow. In fact, in the face of such a giant of Chelsea, Sun Xingyu scored such a wonderful goal, had to admire!

In fact, the Sun Xingqi campaign could have started early, but the goalkeeper's performance was too good, and his goal was not to delay until the 54th minute. At 10 minutes, Eriksson picked up the left side of the large area from the forward area, Sun Xingyu placed his right foot and threw a little higher, and in the 31st minute, Sun Xingyu's left foot near the top of the restricted area was resolved by Cup. Before the end of midfield, Sun Xing gave a shot from Eriksson and passed the ball, which once again fell to the ground and saved the ball.

It is worth mentioning that Sun Xingqi's campaign has been a one-mile journey, and he is also the league's first goal to win this season, and he is also the 50th goal scored by Tottenham in various

The data show that since joining White Hart Lane's army in 2015, Sun Xingyu has played 154 games in Tottenham's name in several competitions, and has scored 50 goals in total, including 107 league games and scored 31 goals.

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