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Asian Cup seed team are promoted to Vietnam to catch the last bus – Asian Cup, will, play, count, are – China News Net

2019-01-18 06:17:18 Source: China News Net

China News Service, Abu Dhabi, January 17 (Xing Wei) In 2019, the Asian Cup of the UAE ended the group stage on the 17th. After three rounds of clashes between groups, Japan, South Korea, Iran and the United Arab Emirates advanced to the top of the group and the other two seed teams, Australia and Saudi Arabia, advanced to the second group.

As the Asian Cup expands to 24 teams for the first time, in addition to the top two teams in each group, the third team with the top four teams will also advance to the top 16.

Group A, third Bahrain, 1 win, 1 loss, 1 draw, 4 points, was blocked in advance, the third group in Group C, third in Group C, third in Group D, third in Group D and third in Group And, 1 win and 2 losses. 3 points Kyrgyzstan and Oman have a goal difference of 0, tying in two promotion spots, Vietnam and Lebanon have a goal difference of -1, but the number of yellow cards in Vietnam is 5, while the number of yellow cards in Lebanon is 7, according to the principle of fair competition. Vietnam has won the last 16 places.

In the last round of the last two teams, on the 17th, the Japanese team reversed Uzbekistan by 2: 1 with a rotation of up to 10 players. In the 40th minute, Uzbekistan's Shaw Murodov scored, but only three minutes later, Wu Teng Jia Ji tied the score and in the second half Yan Gu Division scored the win. The first line of the group.

Uzbekistan's famous coach, Cooper, who has won 2 wins and 1 loss, believes that in the confrontation with the Japanese team, players have improved their ability to control the scene, and there are many chances to score but unfortunately failed to understand. "Then we will face a very strong opponent in Australia, which requires us to concentrate more and be good in ourselves."

In another Group F game, Oman defeated Turkmenistan 3-1 to win third place with a record of 1 win and 2 defeats.

The final round of group E has finally begun. Saudi Arabia and Qatar advanced in a high-profile match but in the end Qatar won two points with striker Almoyes Ali to defeat Saudi Arabia 2-0. It is noteworthy that young teenager Almoyes Ali scored 7 goals in this match of the Asian Cup Group.

In another competition, although Lebanon won a 4-1 victory over North Korea, it ended up with more yellow cards than Vietnam and lost the top 16.

From the start of the eighth finals, the second group from Thailand in the first half will compete with second China in Group C. The first Iran in Group D will compete with the third group in Oman, the first Jordan and Group D in Group BO third Vietnam will play, the first Japan in group F will be the second game of Saudi Arabia against group E.

The first South Korean team in the second half of Group C will play against the third group Bahrain in Group A. The first Group E Qatar will compete with the second Iraq in Group D, the first Arab Emirates in Group A and the third in Group C, and the second in Group B. Australia and Group F, Uzbekistan's second, play in the quarter-finals.

The eighth round of the Asian Cup will officially start on the 20th. (End)

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