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Original title: Arsenal Preview: Gunners strive to advance Black Bay in advance or renewed

Beijing time on November 9 at 04:00, 2018-2019 season group of the UEFA Cup game E group in the fourth round of the competition, the Arsenal sitting at Emirates Stadium against Portugal Sports.

Confrontation Record

This will be the second meeting between the two teams in the history of the European war and the two teams met in the third round of the UEFA Cup match this season when Arsenal defeated Portugal Sports 1-0. Arsenal and the Portuguese team played against each other in the European war 11. Arsenal have a slight advantage in 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses Portugal Sports played against England 22 times in the European War and Portugal Sports won 9 victories, 3 draws and 10 losses. The register

Aspect 1: Arsenal wins ahead of the line

In the first three rounds of the UEFA Cup, Arsenal scored for the first time 9 points, Portugal Sports was 6th, Walskra scored 3 points and Karabakh scored 0 points. If Arsenal can beat Portugal Sports again in this game, Arsenal with 12 points will be ahead of the group. If Arsenal wins, another game will be defeated or lost to Karabakh. Then Arsenal will lock the team first, if Arsenal draw and Walskra lose, Arsenal can also qualify in advance.

Aspect 2: Arsenal will run the formation again

In this game of the Europa League, Arsenal will have to play again the starting lineup: Lichsteiner, Gondozi, Welbeck, players with relatively little time of game in the league, will basically get the Europa League. The first opportunity to play, Welbeck made a round of guest game against Portugal Sports and scored the winning goal. This season, the first three rounds of the Europa League, Welbeck scored two goals. Welbeck's performance in this game is very good. It will become a key factor to know if Arsenal can win.

Pre-Game Sound

Emery (Arsenal coach): The Europa League is very important to us, this is a race to win the Champions League next season. We still need to keep improving, and tomorrow's game is a good test for us. We really want the first in the group: if we win tomorrow, we will have the opportunity to lock the team first. Portuguese Sports is a team with many outstanding players and a team with a long history, having changed its main coach and, for them, tomorrow will be an important match.

Injury report

Arsenal: Mavropanos (injured), Ernene (injured), Koscielny (injured), Papastatopoulos (injured), Monreal

Portuguese sports: Sturaro (injured), Ristowski (injured)

Initial forecast

Arsenal (4-2-3-1): 1-Cech / 12-Lichsteiner, 16-Hordin, 20-Mustafi, 31-Kolasinac / 34-Zaka, 29-Gondozi / 17-Iwobi, 8-Ramsey, 23-Welbeck / 14-Obameyan

(4-2-3-1): 40-Ribero / 76-Gaspar, 4-Coates, 22-Matiu, 9-Acuna / 86-Goodley, 25 – Petrovich / 17 – Nani, 8 – Bruno – Fernandez, 77 – Cabral / 28 – Dorst

Resolution of probabilities

European compensation index, the home team Arsenal winning compensation is 1.33, the Portuguese sports customer wins the odds of 11.00, the flat compensation is 5.50, in the Asian plate, Arsenal left a ball and half water, the team of the 1,925 water level home, the visitor team 1,925 water level. Whether it is European compensation or the Asian plate, they are optimistic that Arsenal will take all three points at home.

Specific to the fel wave, 2-0 score is more optimistic, chances are 6.50, from the point of view of bizarre wave odds, the Arsenal wins a lot. In terms of size and size, bookmakers have two and a half goals, and the odds of the big ball are 1.61, and the odds of the ball are 2.30.

In terms of player scores, the Arsenal striker Obamayan is the most optimistic, the chances of breaking anytime are 1.6 and then Lakazette, the odds are from 1 to 2.05. Obamyan is also optimistic that he can score two goals or more, and the odds are 1.00.

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