April A-share strong start, Shen Chengzhi returns to the full 10,000 points | Shenzhen Securities Index |


A-share strong start in April, Shen Chengzhi returned to the whole of 10,000 points

Economic reference

On April 1, investors focused on the stock market on a stock exchange in Hangzhou. On April 1, the A-share's red market opened, and stock indexes in Shanghai and Shenzhen reappeared in great volume. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3,170.36 points, 2.58% above the previous trading session, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index closed at 10,267.70 points, an increase of 3.64%. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index returned to the 10,000 point number after nearly 10 months, and the two cities once again broke the trillion dollar mark. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Long Yu)


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