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After the storm "Abandoning Wife and Abandoning Son", the 25 year old "C Ronaldinal" successor has no ball to play: Real Madrid mates have forgotten me – Real Madrid, own, no, bad friends – Netease Sports


2018-12-25 20:10:10 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on December 25:

Three years ago, Hesse Rodriguez was still the "President of Real Madrid" and "the successor of C Ronald." Today, I fear that many people will not know where he went. In fact, Hesse, 25, is still a member of Paris Saint-Germain, but since the start of the preparation period, Tucher has excluded the list of top-flight teams and can only train with the junior team.

After more than two years leaving Real Madrid, the career of Hesse is a real "decline of decline". His original intention of joining Paris was to get more playing time, but the court of attack here was as full as Real Madrid. Renting for Las Palmas and Stoke City, Hessie could not find the original feeling.

In June of last year, Hess and his girlfriend Ola greeted the birth of their son Nian. However, due to preterm birth, Nian has a severe congenital disease after birth, having been treated at the hospital. For this reason Hessé said he "left football for the time being" but soon announced his breakup with Ola. Ola accused Hesse, who did not care for his mother and son during the illness, and was a "scum."

Hess and Aura were very affectionate

Returning to Paris in the summer, Hessie said she would fight for the position of the first team, but Tuhel prefers to use 00 after Xiao Wei and 99 years of Diaby, and will not give Hess time in 1 minute.

Recently, "Aspen" interviewed Hesser and talked about his situation. Hess could not hide his disappointment: "When was the last time I played? I do not remember, but it's been almost a year, and I have not played the game yet, I had a very difficult period, but I tried to get some positive things from the bottom . "

Hesse admitted that he was looking for the next house to kick the ball: "To be honest, I really miss football, I really want to play again, I'm waiting for the transfer market to open, I'm preparing for that."

"In the past, I made a lot of changes, and I opened up contact with some of my friends.I used to spend all my time in games and trips, and I did not have time to spend time with my family.I was trying to recover my training and lost 7 pesos Kg

Speaking about Real Madrid, Hesser said he had been forgotten by his former Real Madrid team mates:"No one still remembers me, of course I do not want to blame anyone.Everybody has their own chase.I thought I was a friend with them, but they dont care about me anymore.I still have 2 hours to play together. But they are not playing in the first team. "

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