Absence is a foregone conclusion! The battle between China and South Korea, Wu Lei, gave a pause in the injury Sun Xingyu also lost an opponent – Asian Cup, China and South Korea, yes – Degulong


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Original title: Absence is a foregone conclusion! The war between China and South Korea, Wu Lei, gave a pause in the injury and Sun Xingyu lost another opponent.

In the two rounds of the Asian Cup match, the Chinese team won two straight games and the Chinese team will compete with the South Korean team in the final game, which is a contest for the team's first place, so that focus is set. Concerned, especially the South Korean team is about to usher in the thigh Sun Xingyu, his clash with Wu Lei is expected, this is the contest of the two No. 7.

After the fight for Manchester United on behalf of Tottenham, Sun Xingyu boarded a plane flying to the United Arab Emirates. In the Asian Cup, the South Korean team scored two goals in two wars, the team's attack power was seriously questioned, and Sun Xingyu became the last piece of the Korean team to resolve the attack. In the final round, the South Korean team must defeat the Chinese team to get the first place, otherwise the knockout half-zone will be very bad.

However, Sun Xingyu may be disappointed because Wu Wu will be absent from the Sino-Korean war. He was reported that Wu Lei's injury is more serious.According to the latest news from reporter Xiao Wei Beiqing, Wu Lei will be absent of the Sino-Korean war. Law was injured in the game against Kyrgyzstan and was also injured against the Philippines.The current injury is a dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint and temporary conservative treatment.

Wu Lei and Sun Xingyu as the figures of the two teams in China and South Korea have lost the face clash and are also a great loss to each other.At this time, Sun Xingyu is very successful in the Spurs team, and Wu Lei also won the Super League last season. Boots of gold, the Asian Cup against the Philippines is the second wave of the world of Pomeranian, the state almost disappeared!

The most worrying thing about Sun Xingyu is fitness, he almost has no rest, and Wu Lei has a shoulder injury, the next thing to find is that unless it is in the end, if it can be expected, but the which is sure is Both will work hard to meet again!

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