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Original title: Beijing, a small passenger car does not avoid the ambulance carrying the patient, the driver is punished.

According to Beijing Weibo traffic police recently, some netizens have released video microblogs saying: In Beijing East Third Ring Road, a black passenger car does not avoid the ambulance that is carrying patients. After the Traffic Management Department of Beijing began to work quickly, on January 6, passenger driver Liu Moumou went to the Chaoyang Traffic Detachment for investigation. After investigation, driver Liu Moumou had two illegal ambulance acts that did not perform emergency duties in accordance with regulations, and motor vehicles that failed to perform safety technical inspections within the prescribed time limit. The Huojialou Traffic Detention Brigade of Chaojia imposed a fine of 200 yuan on each of the two illegal acts above, with a score of 3 points. After accepting the punishment, Liu Mou expressed his apology for his illegal behavior. Here, Beijing traffic police reminded most of the drivers and friends that when finding special vehicles with emergency missions, please avoid them in time to allow the "life channel" to pass all the way.

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