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2018-11-18 21:05:06 Source: Sina Sports

On November 18, Beijing time, the 2018 World University basketball game 3V3 ended in Xiamen, and the Chinese team of men and women won the double crown! Huaqiao University, who represented the Chinese team, won the men's championship and Tsinghua University won the women's championship!

The men's finals were played between Huaqiao University and McGill University in Canada, and both sides launched a fierce attack on both sides, while McGill University's number 5 relied on a strong individual ability to score 4 points. The University of Huaqiao should not be left behind, with the tactics of two kicks from outside to tie the score. The second half of the game was exciting. Huaqiao University players not only cooperated but also had strong personal skills. Meng Xiang had an external throwing game to take the match to the match point. The shot from Zheng Yi broke the 21 points to seal the victory. Win the championship with a score of 21:15!

The women's World Cup finals 3V3 2018 was held between Tsinghua University and the University of Prekapas in Ukraine. Tsinghua University took the lead to pick up a point, and the score of the game was caught. More than half of the game, the University of Precarpasian will regain the 11:11 scoreboard, Tsinghua University then used the long-range score. At the end of the last 10 minutes, Tsinghua University won the championship at 17:14!

In the women's shooting competition, Maja from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia hit a three-shot Curry shot and won the championship with 16 points.

In the buried contest, Ernestas, from Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania, won the championship with 56 points.

After the closing ceremony, the stadium suddenly became a sea of ​​joy. Students from all over the world came to the stadium and jumped to the rhythm of the music. The enthusiasm of the audience was also instantly lit. Everyone played self-portraits, photo, signature, in a laugh, this 3vs3 basketball league successfully came to an end.

In four days, college athletes from around the world "fought" on the court, basketball has no borders and players from different countries met because of basketball. In that event, they collected memories, honored and won. Friendship

A total of 32 teams from 24 countries and regions from 5 continents participated in the competition, with 16 men and women. Chinese men's teams include Huaqiao University and China Civil Aviation University, and women's teams include Beijing University, Tsinghua University and Tianjin University. The men's basketball team at the University of Civil Aviation and the women's basketball team at Tianjin University were eliminated in the 16 best competitions, and the women's basketball team at Beijing University stopped the quarterfinals.

The Three-to-Three Basketball League of World University Students is an international college basketball league founded by the International Collegiate Athletic Association, with the direct formation of the university as the participating unit and three to three basketball as the middle of the project. The global final of the event was organized by the University of China Sports Association and Huaqiao University for the first time since 2015. This year is the fourth time at Huaqiao University.


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