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With 14 days remaining in 2018, today's foreign media, GamesIndustry.biz, produced a big-time chart that shows the evolution of the gaming market in 2018 compared to last year.

GamesIndustry.biz statistics come from a number of foreign market research companies, including NewZoo (physical and digital games will be counted), UK physical game statistics agency GfK CT, IHS Markit, IGO Partners, Apptopia and to Fannessus.

Some great data macros, everyone can look at the image very well, below we mostly look for the more subtle aspects.


"Wild Dart 2" has become the highest-scoring game in the MTC, with an average score of 97 points.

"Wild West OL" became the lowest ranked game in the MTC, with an average score of 29 points

Desert Dart 2:

"Wild Dart 2" released in the first three days, with a credit of $ 725 million

In addition to the previous work "Wild Darts: Redemption" 8 years of sales took only 8 days


As of 2011.1.27, registered players have reached 200 million.

The highest online player record in a single month has reached 78.3 million people, the time is August 2018

List of "most reported games", ICO Partners data, statistical time 2018.1.1-2018.11.29

1. Fortaleza Night

2. "Survival of Jesus"

3. "Watching Pioneer"

4. "Wild Dart 2"

5. "God of War 4"

6. "Call of Duty 15"

7. "Destination 2"

8. "Monster Hunter: The World"

9. "Radiation 76"

10. "Battlefield 5"

11. "Crysis 5"

12. "Pokémon Go"

13. "Dark Soul" remake and version of Switch

14. Assassin & Creeds: Odyssey

The top ten popular Twitter games:

1. Fortaleza Night

2. "Call of Duty 15"

3. "Nintendo Stars Big Fight: Special Edition"

4. "Wild Dart 2"

5. "Radiation 76"

6. "Dragon Ball: Warrior Z"

7. "GTA5"

8. "God of War 4"

9. "Battlefield 5"

10. "Splash Warrior 2"

New launching game against new IP

Microsoft: Release 5 new work, including two new IP

Nintendo: Launch of 16 new works, including two new IP

Sony: Launch of 19 new works, including 10 new IP

Activision Blizzard: Launch of 3 new jobs, no new IP

EA: Launch 12 new works, including two new IP

Ubisoft: 6 new jobs, including two new IPs

Which game has the fastest price reduction after it's released:

"Battlefield 5", first, the price was reduced 10 days after launch.

"Wild Dart 2", 20 days

Tomb Raider: Shadow: 26 days

FIFA 19, 27 days

Call of Duty 15: 31 days

Assassin & Creoles: Odyssey: 41 days

"Extreme Racing: Horizon 4": 44 days

Marvel Spiderman: 70 days

Other data include:

"Star Citizen": As of 2018.12.5, crowdfunding funds exceeded 200 million dollars, specifically 209.61 million 6202 US dollars

"Star Citizen", from 2018.12.5, in the year 2018, crowdfunding 34.13 million 3357 dollars

Average annual salary of gaming practitioners: US $ 5,500,000

Total E-sports 2018 prize: $ 140 million


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