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12306 shows that there is no ticket if there is no ticket? Technical leader answers questions – Finance News

Font Size "CCTV News" official WeChat January 31 news, getting closer and closer to New Year's Eve recently, the railway sector ushered in the highest peak to return home. However, there are still people who worry about not getting a ticket to go home.

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Some popular routes because 12306 always does not show tickets to sell? Can third-party ticketing software successfully get the ticket? Are there more channels for the rail ticket platform to be open to the public? In response to these topics, CCTV reporters interviewed the director of Technical Department 12306 of China Railway Science Research Institute, Shan Xinghua. It is known as the "strongest brain" behind the 12306 site.

No manual ticket control! 12306 shows that no ticket is ticket

News reporter:Some people have questioned that 12306 shows that there is no ticket. Is there any possibility of internal control of manual entry?

Single damask flower:12306 shows that there is no admission ticket, the rail ticket is controlled by the system, all management trajectories are retained and the railroad itself has strict regulations, which is certainly impossible.

Shan Xinghua said the Spring Festival ticket was sold 30 days in advance, and many passengers already bought the ticket in the hot direction. Even if some passengers reimburse or change the ticket, the origin of the ticket has been eliminated by the ticketing software. So during the Spring Festival travel season, passengers open the 12306 system and there will often be no billing.

Waiting for tickets, so that the ticketing software can be brushed without a ticket.

In 2019, 12306 launched an alternative purchase of tickets. If the passenger does not present a ticket at the time of purchase, the demand can be sent to the system. If the system finds a ticket returned by the passenger returning the ticket or if the ticket is increased according to the capacity of the train, it can be assigned preferentially to the person who waited in the queue. .

Currently, Beishangguang performed alternative functions in the Chengdu-Chongqing area, and other directions have not yet been opened. Once the technology is mature, the function will be fully open, which can cause the ticket software to not have a ticket to be passed.

The ticket software has security risks and should be intercepted.

To buy a train ticket to go home, many people ask for help with ticketing software. Ticket sales software generally charges an accelerated service fee ranging from 20 to 50 yuan. However, many Internet users have discovered that the ticketing software used in the past is not working right now.

News reporter:Intervention of third party service is also to facilitate passengers to buy tickets, why 12306 to establish an armored platform?

Single damask flower:Third party ticketing software meets passenger needs from a certain angle, but will make the 12306 system stand still and consume resources. In addition, the rules for the revocation of ticketing software are inconsistent with the social standards of the rail standard, and there are overcharged passenger reimbursement rates and change fees. In addition, passenger information retained by the software can carry out many business activities that the passenger does not know, which presents certain security risks.

12306 and the "attack and defense" of ticketing software

Shan Xinghua is the professional leader in technology of China Railway Corporation and since 2011, leaders have participated in the whole process of building the 12306 platform. In their printing, every time peak sales of tickets, software ticketing third parties will affect the proper functioning of the 12306 ticketing platform. The offensive and defensive struggles with third-party ticket collection software have never stopped.

News reporter:It is difficult to establish a complete system that is not easily attacked or invaded by technology, right?

Single damask flower:It is very difficult for the Internet industry. There is a saying called "Feast of Wool." The "Wool Party" specializes in buying low-priced promotional products. When the promotion period ends, they sell it at a price higher than the promotional price, but lower than the price the commodity. Make a difference. The "Feast of Wool" has always existed in the Internet industry and is technically difficult to avoid. We strongly insist that we can provide some support from the legal level and give a certain assurance to 12306.

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