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This year Manna was presented as the group honored in the Latin Grammys, in the category & # 39; Person of the year & # 39 ;, Recognition he received for his long artistic career.

Although his performance on stage was one of the most talked about of the night, whoever stole all the looks of the presents was his vocalist, Fher Olvera. The Mexican appeared before the audience with his face swollen and very different from how he was remembered. As the days went on, it was revealed that he had suffered a facial botox, something that caught more of a surprise. Memes and comparisons were not long in coming.

A few hours ago, the singer Monica Noguera, Fher's ex-wife said on the television show, "Firsthand & # 39; that it is not the first time that the leader of Manna aesthetic surgery is performed; In addition, this intervention almost leads to death.

"When we were together – from 2013 to 2015 – a very dangerous surgery was done in Los Angeles, in the face.It almost died because a vein was cut wrongly.He was bleeding, they had to stop the operation," explained Noguera .

In this sense, whoever it was his partner considered that the talent of Fher Olvera and its human quality are so great that one should not do more surgeries.

"You do not have to do operations because you do not have to focus on the physical problem when you're a great artist, as big as a person, helping with human rights, and even if you were already at risk, , he said.

In the middle of the conversation, space drivers talked about the consequences of Fher's surgery. Manna. But that was not all, one of them compared to the YouTube figure The East Tigress.


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