"Your job is to train … Do not comment on political contingency"


The Commander, in his style, called for a higher status for the Mapuche people, a situation that angered the UDI senator.

Mario Salas was presented as the new coach of Colo Colo. An excited Commander made his first press conference and, in his style, did not dodge any questions, came to have words for the Catrillança case and the Mapuche conflict.

"I feel that the Mapuche people logically deserve a status different from the one they have in our society, which should start with the educational theme of all Chileans. Salas commented.

The DT went beyond and does not rule out the possibility of using Mapuche rites in their lectures and trainings.

The statements of Salas generated immediate support in the Colocolino people. However, Senator Iván Moreira went into a rage after the commander's statements.

"Your role in Colo Colo is to train the team and get you out of the bad time you are in. Do not comment on the political contingency," said the UDI senator.


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