Young viral protagonist laughs laughter with seductive selfie


In each Instagram account, Facebook or the site was disclosed the story of this 13-year-old boy from San Javier, named Renato.

The little one became the owner of the "first viral of 2019", Video, where he laments the death of his pet, a canary called"Chimuelo"

Registration has become a worldwide trend and his step left a wave of memes and parodies.

But the death of his beloved pet that brought laughter and thousands of funny comments, today is a thing of the past and little Renato became a famous figure. At least the city of San Javier.

In the Instagram Videoadictoschile account you can see the image of Renato taking a selfie with two new friends.

The foot of the photo says "Goodbye Chimuelo, hello chimuelas", Which provoked the laughter of all Internet users who saw the images.

Instagram videoadictoschile

If you have not yet seen the video, you can see it here:


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