Monday , October 18 2021

Young man who stars in a sexual video with a carabineiro denounces threats and leaks of his personal data – Coquimbo

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Carla Becerra He is 21 years old and acknowledges that since last weekend his life has become hell. This, then, together with a carabineer starring in a viral video where they have sex while the uniform is on duty at La Serena Hospital.

The situation ended in scandal, as the video became viral and the carabinier was identified, supposedly by another official, and eventually expelled. At the same time, the young woman began to receive threats, ensuring that they were from other colleagues of her partner, which led her to file a complaint with the PDI.

"Since I was his girlfriend, I thought it might be a good idea to record or create content with a police officer, I never meant to hurt him, I cut parts where he got the radio, everything, so that all this did not happen", refers exclusively to 24 hours.

Carabinero is disengaged after video leak where he had sex in a work office