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You can eat bars or soups to replace meals: it works

Feeling good about yourself, living healthier and losing weight These are very common purposes presented to us throughout our lives. A slow and often difficult and unstable process in which you must deploy all your will power to remain firm and Do not give in to fats, sugars or carbohydrates. There are many types. Some focus on quantity (they even lead to dubious profit fast periods) and others on quality (replace certain unhealthy foods with healthier ones).

And then there are the replacement diets, which consisted of replacing some foods with soups, shakes or bars, which became very popular in the 70's due to space travel when the public became obsessed with the idea of ​​having a nutritionally complete meal concentrated in a single drink or energy bar. There are many myths related to this type of diet. Nerys M. Astbury, a researcher on diet and obesity at the prestigious University of Oxford, proposed to deny them and published an interesting article in "The Conversation," citing several reasons.

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Do not work?

The latest review of the Atsbury team's studies concludes that this type of diet is indeed valid. From a list of 23 clinical trialsResearchers compared weight loss in people who followed replacement diets with those who did not. Although in each group there was weight reduction, people who took the path of food substitutes lost much more for one year than those who established another type of diet.. On average, they dropped 1.4 pounds less.

The use of substitute diets did not cause much more serious side effects than other weight loss programs

This type of trials was performed with the support of a nutritionist or health professional. Similarly, those who replaced their meals with lost substitutes 2.2 pounds more than the ones that followed alternative plans.

Are they a quick fix?

"These longer follow-up studies found that people who opted for a program that included nutritional substitutes for traditional foods weighed less up to four years after the start of the scheme ", says Atsbury. So if you expect to lose weight automatically based on these plans, do not despair or distrust: the change will take some time to arrive.

Are they insecure?

Many people believe that diets that limit the intake of "real food" They can cause headaches, insomnia, fatigue, constipation or diarrhea. But it is not a particular effect of these diets, but the common side effects associated with any other food plan, not just substitutes. "In our last review, the conclusion we came to is that the use of meal substitutes to lose weight did not cause more serious side effects than other weight loss programs," concludes the researcher.

I will feel very hungry

Food Replacement Products they are created to be rich in proteins and fibers, key ingredients whose studies have shown they are quenching. "Although the portions look very small (and, indeed, they are), they fill you up so you do not feel hungry and go for high-calorie snacks between meals, "says Atsbury.

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Are they repetitive?

When talking about this type of substitute diet, everyone thinks about the typical magic shake that always has the same taste, or rather, nothing rich that we like. But, having had several years of refined recipes, this belief is rather old-fashioned. "Nowadays, there is a wide range of products to choose from, which include traditional flavored smoothies for all tastes (including those of vanilla, chai and mint), soups, bars and even some packaged foods, which means that your diet will not be boring or tedious. "

"I lose weight but they are not healthy"

The scientific review shows that many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, could improve in people who use this type of diet, unlike other types of plans for weight loss. "If you're thinking of losing weight," weighs Atsbury, "The evidence shows that substitutes can be the option you're looking for."

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