Thursday , October 21 2021

You already know 3 new things about the Samsung Galaxy S10


Including the probable deposit date.

O Samsung Galaxy S10 It has a very complex mission: Impress a press and an audience that seems to have seen everything in relation to cell phones.

That is why the South Koreans are preparing all the artillery to satisfy the very demanding taste of the users of the high-premium range, which is increasingly competitive (and expensive).

According to SlashGear, there are already 3 new angles that we can almost take for granted in this team:

The first is the battery, where thanks to data from reliable sources in the industry, they say that in the end they will raise the load of more than 15W, a debt that Samsung had pending and that left them stagnant in front of the competition, at least in this respect. They say that the charge as we know it at Samsung "is already a thing of the past."

The other thing is that the front camera will be in a mole, hole or hole in the screen, and as shown in this GIF, will have new usage gestures associated with its strange location:


Pretty cool, huh? Finally, Samsung was concerned about the night mode of Huawei, but even more so with what showed Pixel 3 and its Night Sight, so they do not want to be less and launch "Bright Night". Any name approach is just coincidence.

The team will be presented at the end of February, a few days before the Mobile World Congress and with that they would guarantee, for the second consecutive year, to steal the show.

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