Yini Sandoval case: court orders freedom of the accused to kill young mother and her three children | National


The Temuco Court of War ordered the release of Claudio Tolosa Llanquinao, the only detainee for the murder of Yini Sandoval and the death of his three young children.

The decision was appealed by the Public Prosecutor's Office, and it will be the Court of Appeals that decides whether to keep the pre-trial detention against the accused.

It was two blows that ended the life of the 28-year-old woman, who was Burned with his 10, 6 and 2 year old children in a fire which affected a home in the San Antonio sector in Temuco in December 2016.

Presenting statements to the magistrate voluntarily, Tolosa Llanquinao said that the story given on the day of his arrest last October and where he declared himself confessed to this crime was obtained under pressure from the Investigative Police.

In his version, in addition, he warrants that he visited Yini's house on the day of the murder, only for the purpose of deliver money, and for a period of 15 minutes, which would justify its geo-referential location at the event site.

Defense lawyer Andrea Reyes Pizarro explained that he seeks to discredit the statements made by its at the time of their arrest, as they say they were forced and it is they who keep him behind the bars.


In addition, at the hearing, the Tolosa defense indicated that within the investigation folder there would be the names of two people, who would be directly responsible for Yini's death and the burning of his property.

Consulted on this background, the Temuco deputy prosecutor, Jorge Mandiola, said that they investigated all lines of research, the accusation against Claudio Tolosa being blunt.


Alda Reyes, Yini's mother – and who witnessed the audience – assured that just look for justice and that he hopes this will not happen to his daughter, which happened in the case of Érika Hagan, where so far no convicted criminals.


Prior to the court's decision to grant the defendant's freedom, the Prosecutor's Office verbally appealed to the resolved, reason why at a hearing to be held at the Court of Appeals, it will be determined if it is modified or not the precautionary measure of preventive custody against Claudio Tolosa Llanquinao.

This article describes a lawsuit in progress

There is a possibility that the charges will be withdrawn at the end of the investigation, which is why The defendant should not be held guilty. until the court orders a judgment against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)


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