Yes friends? Spectators playing with the "sad" image of Feliciano's WhatsApp in Blood Pact | Social networks


A high-impact chapter was held on Wednesday Blood Alliance after one of the protagonists got involved in a really dramatic situation.

In this episode, we saw how Roberto keeps Marcos in an abandoned shed, having discovered the whole plan of the gym owner and Benjamin to blame Daniela's death and dismemberment.

It turns out that the black businessman knew that friends tried to leave evidence to blame him, like the knife with which the student was dismembered. For the same reason, after long minutes of tension, the guy finally confessed that he and his friends are responsible for Daniela's death, but adding that it was an accident.

On the other hand, Feliciano is close to knowing what is happening because his police colleague arrived in Roberto's office and saw that he was a little disassembled, immediately raising the suspicion that the man was hiding.

Capture | Channel 13

Capture | Channel 13

Capture | Channel 13

Capture | Channel 13

However, in the midst of all this tension, a curious scene was also released that was obviously echoed in social networks. It turns out that at one point Feliciano's cell phone is focused when he tries to use WhatsApp and only two contacts remain in evidence: Agatha (his sister) and Carmen (Daniela's mother).

After this image the jokes of some spectators were not lacking, since many agreed that the character needed "more friends", that perhaps for his character nobody wanted to talk to him, but that even then it was impossible that he had no contacts in his WhatsApp .

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