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Anahí Vega, the daughter of Yasmín Valdés, told how she started changing her body after starting Crossfit last year.

The 21-year-old girl talked to The latest news, where he pointed out that "in September of last year I started doing Crossfit and immediately began to lose weight: from 19% I dropped to 17%. Only fitness and now I'm 15 percent fat, training 8 or 9 hours a week with a two-day break. "

Anahí, day by day, shows the results of the hard training she does through Instagram, a platform where she has more than 22 thousand followers and where for some time he showed bare-chested the appearance of his toned back.

As he commented to the environment, the process of adaptation has not been very easy, since little by little he has accepted his body as it is:I used to have a more feminine stereotypeNow my breasts are gone, "he said.

In that line, he confessed that he lowered three support sizes, going from D to B "by pulling to A." "The breast is fat, and if the percentage of fat goes away the breast," he said.

In addition, the law student acknowledged that changed your eating habits, since before was "the queen of junk food".

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Woman back ❤️. Many people may think that a muscular woman is not very feminine. But I tell them that … I do not give a damn. I will not lie, I went through a process of insecurity with the transformation of my body since I train a lot, since I am lifting a lot more weight, I also went through the "I do not want to stop being a woman" (all this induced by the comments) of people seeing my bodily changes). I never had a goal to change my body, I always felt comfortable in all its states and it was obvious that training more and eating better would lead to an inevitable change, lose fat and gain muscle, both changing habits and my type of body and its tendency to musclese. After a mental work, I carry these pictures as an exercise to accept me as I see myself. My body will continue to change and I like it to reflect my habits, I do not care how I am doing with it what I love and if it leads to its transformation I do not care, I like my body to look strong, I I like my body I do not fulfill the stereotype of a delicate woman, I like, I like and it's the only thing that matters. Feel and feel ALWAYS comfortable with their bodies, thanks to it, we can experience the world ?. I write this because I know there are many who do not dare to start lifting weights because they will grow or become "rough" and many are going through the same process of transformation. I would love it if we all got out of those stupid insecurities that cause us stereotypes of beauty and we would all do what we want and make us happy. Women, we can be strong and sexy, we lose the fear of breaking stereotypes. #CrossfitGirl

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Did I tell you that this is my happy place? ? I am infinitely grateful for this box, its people, its environment, its energy. Not only because of my sporting and physical results, but also because it's where I kick, anger, frustrations and where I celebrate my good days and achievements. Here I go in and become a super woman, here I can do everything, I'm competing with myself and there is no feeling like that. I owe this place the love, the impulse and the laughter they gave me in these 4 months. @justfitness_blackhatcf I really love them and for me getting in the box is like going to my second home. Going to @justfitness_blackhatcf is my best part of the day, by far. Thank you very much for being more than just a crossfit. Thank you for being the Bacán family that you are and making this sport possible and affordable for everyone!

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