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Yale scientists keep the brains of beheaded pigs alive for 36 hours


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Updated 12/25/2018 – 14:16

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New Haven, Connecticut, USA, 12/25/2018 (The People Online) – A group of neuroscientists at Yale University managed to restore circulation in the brain to decapitated pigs and kept organs alive 36 hours after being separated from the trunk. It is not the first time that an animal's brain is kept alive outside the body – it has already been reached in rodents – the novelty is that the oxygen flow in an organ of that size has been preserved intact. Being able to work on living tissue on this scale opens the door, for example, to the creation of a brain atlas cataloging neural connections and thus deepening in nature an organ of which, in reality, very little is known, according to him World

The research was first presented at a meeting of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and was collected by the MIT Technology Review, based on the intervention that the principal investigator, Nenad Sestan, did during the conference. . Although the neuroscientist has made it clear that brains showed no signs of consciousness at any time, he hopes that this achievement will give new impetus to several studies on experimental treatments for brain tumors or Alzheimer's disease.

Although the full results still have to wait a few months before they are published, Sestan and his team used a system called BrainEx, developed in the Yale lab to keep living cells by circulating a fluid rich in oxygen through a system. pumps, heaters and artificial blood bags. Besides the value of the experiment itself – which used a hundred pig heads collected from several slaughterhouses – the advance also represents a new horizon in ethical research questions in this field.

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