Wednesday , April 21 2021

Workers in the Amazon in Europe organize protests under the slogan "We are not robots"

Complaints are made in several countries because of inhuman working conditions.

O Black Friday It's a great day for the stores, because thanks to sales they generate big sales and profits, but it's not the same for employees because in many cases they have to work longer and under pressure, which often leads them make protests.

This is precisely what happens with Amazon warehouse workers who are demonstrating in various European countries, believing that they work in inhumane conditions and are treated like robots (via TechCrunch).

Amazon employees took advantage of the much talked about Black Friday to give his message in the latest of a series of actions this year.

The protests involve unions that have workers in the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany demonstrating and carrying out strikes against what they call a dangerous work culture in the Amazon, noting that this is enough and that employees should be treated as human beings.

As a result, Amazon issued a statement highlighting the money it invested and the number of jobs it has generated in Europe, ensuring highly competitive wages, total benefits and innovative training programs.

We hope these protests will lead to a good solution for the Amazon workers who are looking for fairer conditions.

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