Woman found dead in her apartment: neighbors warned of bad smell | National


One woman was found dead inside an apartment at the intersection of Carlos Pezoa Véliz and Catedral, in the Quinta Normal neighborhood.

The body was discovered after the neighbors felt a bad smell coming from the house. They did not know about the deceased for a week.

The body was found by volunteer firefighters who arrived at the scene.

According to Carabineros, the woman suffered from schizophrenia and other diseases and had no contact with her relatives.

"In order to determine if there is participation of third parties, we are collecting evidence, mainly from an entomofauna, that allows us to analyze this and power categorically establish the post-mortem interval"said Lieutenant Jonathan Mancilla of the Department of Criminalistics of the uniformed police.

"The cadaveric phenomena can give us an interval greater than four days"he added.


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