An amoeba "comecerebros" would be the cause of a woman's death, 69, in Seattle, Wash., After flushing his nostrils with tap water.

It was known that the victim suffered from sinusitis, so your doctor recommended these washes to relieve the symptoms. What the woman never imagined is that the water she used would lead to a fatal end.

The sexagenarian is presumed not to have met the medical indications correctly for not using sterile water, according to the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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The victim of this deadly amoeba died in February 2018, after undergoing brain surgery at the Swedish Medical Center.

Specialists specified that the first symptoms were nose redness, area irritation and rash. Subsequently, the seizures came.

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The first diagnosis was a brain tumor, but when they underwent surgery, doctors discovered that part of the brain "was a blood clot… There were amoebae of this kind all over the area eating brain cells."

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