Woman completely changed her physical appearance after suffering bullying as a child | Society


A 24-year-old woman passed near 50 thousand dollars in various plastic surgeries to change his appearance, becoming an influencer in Instagram.

Celine Centinoof Switzerland, decided to intervene his physique due to gross bullying she received when she was in school, where she even pretended to be sick, so she did not have to go to the facility to avoid harassment.

"I was bullied daily, and always for something new, if he looked like a boy because he had no breasts or because my butt was too fat (although I like it now). The kids told me that my face looked rubbish. They told me I was ugly, they pushed me and ignored me. She always said she was sick or had a cold to avoid going to school, "she said. Daily Mail.

Her life went around 180 degrees when she began to economize to become another woman, going through three breast augmentation surgeries, and intervening in her. lips, nose, cheeks and chin, over a period of four years

"I saved a lot of money when I was young, never went out to club parties until I was 18. I worked very hard and spent all my money on surgery. Now I feel very good about myself and finally I'm happy to live the life I always wanted. Besides, it makes me feel stronger than before. If someone says something bad about me, I do not care anymore. No one else can hurt me, "he concluded.


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