WOM shoots Entel, Claro and Movistar amidst specter discussion | Technology


Making a parody of the popular character Quico in the series The Chavo of 8, WOM returned to attack Claro, Entel and Telefonica.

The company that has previously directed Chris Bannister has thrown his darts again at these three companies, which sarcastically call "Clavistel", amid a new judicialization of the process of return of the spectrum.

Although last June the Supreme Court demanded the return of the spectrum, companies pointed out by WOM asked the highest court to review the ruling.

From WOM they described this as unacceptable, which is why they launched a new campaign.

According to the company, the goal is "to explain to Chileans the importance of fighting for more competition and better quality in the telecommunications market."

The video speaks of a lawsuit and is personalized by three "Kikos" who do not want to share the spectrum they own, while a judge forces "Clavistel" to deliver it to the benefit of all consumers.

"As a company, we are committed to all consumers in the country, whether or not they are WOM customers.The spectrum belongs to everyone and therefore it seems inconceivable that incumbents refuse to comply with a ruling ruled by the Federal Supreme Court, requiring, in addition, this a revision in its position ", explains SebastiƔn Precht, CMO of WOM.

As mentioned by the executive, what they seek is to ensure the allocation and efficient use of the spectrum to allow access to the best technology on this path for 5G.

"This is why we believe it is critical to share this information with people and that they can understand the nature of what is being discussed in this case and how these decisions affect the country's digital competition and development. demand what is fair, "he said.

What is the importance of the radio spectrum?

Basically, it is the segment of the atmosphere through which the energy waves travel, allowing the flow of voice, data and video.

As pointed out in an article by the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Alberto Hurtado University, spectrum is a national good for public use.

In other words, it belongs to goods "whose dominion belongs to the whole nation and whose use belongs to all the inhabitants of the nation." So are the beaches and the roads.

It should be noted that because this spectrum is finite, it requires an allocation method to ensure its efficient use. Composed of different bands – there are 700 Mhz, 1200 Mhz and 3500 Mhz – each one has certain characteristics that determine its usefulness.


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