With at least four prisoners ended demonstration for the murder of Camilo Catrillanca


It's been two months since the death of the commoner mapero Camilo Catrillanca. It was for this reason that a small group of people held a demonstration in the vicinity of La Moneda. Sadly, the initiative ended with minor incidents and at least four people arrested for trespassing on papal fences.

Demonstration by Camilo Catrillanca

Catrill Catrillanca / Aton Manifestation

The protest, summoned by several social organizations of the metropolitan region, intended to remember the murder of the comunero. Recall that Catrillanca died on November 14 due to a shot made by the Gope de Carabineros in Ercilla, also known as "Jungle Command."

It was found that the march was silent for several blocks. However, when arriving at the Alameda with Morandé, a group of people passed through the security fences to reach the neighborhood of the Government Palace. At that time, officers of the Special Forces of the Carabineros intervened, arresting at least two people.

Police uniformed, in addition, activated the car launches water in the vicinity of Teatinos and Nataniel Cox, where the protesters gathered to continue the march.

It is worth mentioning that today began to work commission for the case of Catrillanca in the Chamber of Deputies, Which seeks to elucidate the political and administrative responsibility of the public apparatus in the crime against the comunero.


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