Windows Lite is the lightweight and minimalist rival that Microsoft stands for Chrome OS


Windows 10 has become a robust and very complete operating system in many sections, but Microsoft seems to be preparing a rival for a market in which they have difficulty competing: Chrome OS.

For this they are preparing Windows Lite, a light and minimalist version of Windows that brings important changes to its interface and its orientation and that can be announced officially very soon.

New look and new "light" mentality for Windows

As our GenBeta colleagues point out, It's been a year since rumors were heard about a project that was originally known under the name of Windows Lean and which was targeted among other things to address the educational platform of Google.

Cap 004 Other conceptual images point to a type of combination of current Windows blocks, but it seems that the design of Windows Lite may deviate from this idea.

The data on the project has been added to each other, and a few weeks ago we discovered, for example, that in this version of Windows the features & # 39; Live Tiles & # 39; disappear or animated tiles in the Windows Start menu.

The goal is to simplify everything in a Windows 10 that is very loaded for certain scenarios, and one of them is that of its competition with Chrome OS in segments ** with more modest machines and with other necessities.

A lighter Windows for computers with more modest configurations

Brad Sams of Petri was filtering a proof of concept on this site from what could be a part of the Windows Lite interface. It showed an application launcher similar to what we've seen on other desktop and mobile platforms.

Perhaps one approach to this special version of Windows is new ARM-based Windows laptops, but at the moment there is no data on that. What seems clear is that there will be many visuals that will change over Windows 10 to simplify it.

These changes will not only affect their appearance but also their approach: there are rumors that at least initially Windows Lite will work only with progressive web applications (PWA) and Universal Windows Applications (UWP). It is not ruled out, however, that the operating system may also be compatible with the usual Win32 (legacy) applications.

When does Microsoft plan to release this new version? The data indicate that the company officially announces the project in its annual conference for developers, BUILD 2019, which will take place May 6-8 this year in Seattle.


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