Windows 10 and its next update will require 7 GB of your computer


The next major update from Microsoft to Windows 10, which is not yet known date, would weigh heavily and would have to save space.

Windows 10 is getting ready for its next upgrade and according to the same Microsoft it is expected to be very cumbersome, as it would be necessary to reserve about 7 GB in the memory of the computer.

Reserved storage says Microsoft will: "be used for updates, applications, temporary files, and system caches". Our goal is to improve the daily function of your PC by ensuring that critical operating system functions always have access to disk space. Without store, if a user almost fills it, multiple Windows applications and scenarios become untrusted. "

This is to avoid what happened in an October 2018 update in which multiple files were deleted.

If for some reason the Windows update requires more space than the reserved one, it will automatically use another available free space. If that is not enough, Windows will walk you through the steps to temporarily extend your hard drive with external storage, such as with a USB device, or how to free up disk space.

Windows 10

Windows also details for them to use the reserved storage:

"In the next major release of Windows (19H1), we anticipate that the reserved storage will start at approximately 7GB, however, the amount of space reserved will vary over time, depending on how you use the device, for example temporary files. which consume general free space today on your device can consume reserved storage space in the future. In addition, in the newer versions we have reduced the size of Windows to most clients. We can adjust the size of the reserved storage in the future depending on data diagnostic or comments Reserved storage can not be removed from the operating system, but may reduce the amount of space reserved. "


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