Why Meghan Markle speaks perfect Spanish? The story behind the ability of the Duchess of Sussex | Society


Meghan Markle undoubtedly became one of the most influential figures last time after her marriage to Prince Harry. Being now a member of the royal family, everything is always aware of aspects unknown to the Duchess of Sussex's life.

In that sense, what happened last Christmas drew attention when Meghan visited a nursing home that hosted retired UK actors. It was here that the duchess shone while speaking Spanish with some of the residents, which immediately caught the attention of her followers.

Now comes the question of because the wife of Prince Harry handles the Spanish so well. To find the answer you have to travel to the time of the university of the Duchess. Before entering to study at Northwestern University in Chicago, the young woman lived for a while in Madrid, Spain, where she began to deal with the language.



However, in the midst of the study of International Relations, the current Duchess took an internship in 2002 at the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was able to completely perfect Spanish.

Indeed, as Vanity Fair magazine claims in the book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, the embassy official, Mark Krischik, explained that "If I had stayed in the State Department, it would have been an excellent acquisition for the diplomatic corps. I had everything to be."

Recall that Markle did not pursue her career in International Relations to start working as an actress. Despite this, his mastery of language served him in some of his papers.

It should be remembered that in Suits, which was the series with which he jumped to fame, there are some scenes in which the duchess seems to speak perfect Spanish and for several minutes. That would explain that he is constantly practicing language, and that he shines every time he does it.


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