Why his first job is the most important, according to Alibaba's founder of success


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"I've seen a lot of disasters," said Ma, referring to the young people who abruptly resign.

In many cases, the first job is often an anecdote within the curriculum, especially now that it is so common to move from one company to another, start a business or even change the course dramatically and reinvent the future of work.

But according to billionaire Jack Ma, founder of Chinese company Alibaba, his first job is fundamental, even if it is not very inspiring.

That said, while attending one of the conferences held at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

"Your first job is the most important," Ma said in front of the audience.

This does not mean that it is your "dream job"or that it is a job that you really enjoy.

But the key is that the first job is an experience where Can you really learn from others? and train yourself.

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Even if it is not a prestigious company, "you should find a good boss to show you how to be a good human being, how to do things well, "he added.

Over time, this type of learning will allow you to discover your weaknesses and strengths and know how far you want to go.

Speaking to the young men, Ma recommended that they make a promise: "I'm going to stay three years" and then it's time to look for another place to develop.

"I have seen many disasters"

Ma said he saw many young people abruptly giving up their jobs, without leaving enough time to know them completely and settle down.

The immersion process can take time and it is necessary to meet the challenges which appear without hitting the door prematurely.

"I have seen many disasters," Ma said.

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Ma was an English teacher for 20 years.

"One of the reasons I survived for 20 years was my work as a teacher," he added.

Mom he started his career as an English teacher in Hangzhou, China, before reaching an agreement with a group of businessmen and establish in the late 90s the company that would eventually become one of the most valuable companies in the world.

His work as a teacher, says the entrepreneur, helped him identify talented people and motivate them to move on.

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An experience that enabled him to acquire skills to train and lead teams.

"When I hire people, I hire the people who are smarter than me"Ma said.

"People who could become my bosses four or five years later."

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