"Why do not they install bathrooms in the Metro de Santiago?": The viral photo that opened a strong debate due to the lack of hygiene services in the subway


Tell me if it has not happened to you that you feel like going to the bathroom while on the subway and wonder why there are no toilets in the stations of the capital's transportation system.

That was the same question that thousands of people asked after Twitter user @Jacqueslagas posted a photo on his account to claim a stranger who urinated on one of the Santiago Metro subways.

"What do we have this pork ctm pissing in metrodesantiago," said the user's network post, before the rest of the tweeters began to wonder why there are still no public restrooms in the stations.

urine meter Breeding Twitter

The answer came in the same way. Through his social network account, Uncle Metro – as his followers say – detailed that they are currently working "on other projects, such as the construction of elevators in older stations and the renovation of trains in L2 and later in L5 ".

However, the questions continued to add up. "The consequence of the lack of because I assure you that the photographer did not do it because he wanted to, but out of necessity, "wrote one of the Twitterers in the photo.

"That's right … bathrooms in critical stations, combination … I know … let your engineers think and work … that's what we paid for the ticket!", Someone explained.

"Place of passage"

It should be remembered that since 2012 a group of users took social networks to find out that the Metro implements public toilets. There's even the bill where they constantly look for your request to be heard.

For the Publimetro report "Where they are, how much they cost and everything you need to know about public toilets in Santiago: practical guide for people with" small bladder "the company was consulted because its classification is not considered.

On this occasion, the capital "The Metro network does not have a public toilets service because it is a transit point, with an average travel time of approximately 17 minutes."


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