Why did not Virginia Virginia Reginato give the keys to the city to Marco Antonio Solis? | Vina


Marco Antonio Solís was the artist who opened the fourth day of the Festival of Viña del Mar, where he made all Quinta Vergara sing and dance.

The Mexican artist interpreted his great successes: How I was falling in love with you Where we gonna stop The loser, among others.

Soon the thousands of fans who came to see him began to ask for the silver gull and then the golden gull.

But they were not the only surprises, since the animators Maria Luisa Godoy and Martín Cárcamo announced that they had a special gift to recognize the six times that it was in the Festival: the keys to the city.

What most strikes the distinction is that the mayor of the garden city did not take the stage to deliver the important recognition, although shared on Twitter.

According to information that Bío Bío Radio was able to access, its advisers would have suggested that it not rise because it could receive a setback, given the economic problems that exist in the municipality.

However, the version for everyone is that Reginato wanted to give him this gift in the locker room, but he would not have had time to do so.


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