"Who's going to call a rapist?"


During the last time, the Chilean singer and composer Tito Fernández He faced a difficult situation due to the complaints that exist against him by alleged sexual abuse and rape.

To talk about this subject, he was invited to the program "Cada día mejor" on the La Red channel and in the interview with Alfredo Lamadri,. the artist delivered his version of the accusations of the three women who were in their classes at the Center for Metaphysical Studies, 2010.

In the beginning the "Temucano" made a mea culpa of what happened: "To put the human thing, personal, in something that has nothing to do (…) This is a mistake I made too silly and I'm paying dearly. "

But what Lamadrid wanted, like all spectators, was whether the defendant was really guilty. Prior to this, the artist replied as follows:

"First of all, I'm not a rapist, I was not, I'm not, and I will never be. Please believe me! I'm going through a very bad time, but you know I'm right. I did not do anything … well, nothing. "

But the charges, true or not, cost him a lot in his daily life, as the 76-year-old man says he was "out of work, he called me nowhere, he did not call me." Who's gonna call a rapist? (…) I have been liquidated, who removes the stigma of a rapist? "He assured her.

At the end of the interview, Fernandez thanked the platform given by the channel and said that his plans for the future are still uncertain: "I am very guilty for this situation, and thank you for supporting me, because that's where the people Now I do not I know if I'm going to sing again, I think so … and for that I have to fight, "he concluded.


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