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Who is Mon Laferte's newbie? Meet Daniela Pérez [FOTOS]

A true bombshell in the world of the show of the Chilean singer based in Mexico, Mon Laferte. The triumphant of the Viña del Mar Festival has declared to be in a pair with a woman, but who is Mon Laferte's newcomer?

A couple of days ago Monserrat Just confessed that they are polyamorous, that is to say, they like both men and women. And to everyone's surprise, his new achievement is a famous drummer and he has a lot of fence.

‘I'm in love with a woman who loves her with all my soul… In the battery!’, If you can listen to Mon diciendo in the video of his last concert.

I went there as well as his wife, Natalia Pérez. She is 36 years old and has been involved in music since very young. He created his own musical projects: Cancamusa y Amanitas Música.

Your followers have been speaking on social networks. In most of its respect and support, except for the freedom of the election, however, other decisions have been deceived and with the crudest comments in social networks.

In this way, again the Chilean has bothered its more conservative and homophobic detractors to get out of the crowd in full concert. It is expected that during the next few days it will occur.

Next you can see the best pictures Who is Mon Laferte's novelty?

La novia de Mon Laferte looks very much a la cantante. In this picture you have seen a striped sweater, she is sitting and with her body as she spins. Sonríe, lifts red lips and mascara in the eyelashes. Its hair is lacquered and light brown.

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