Thursday , August 5 2021

Who is Marie Kondo, the Japanese who became famous "fan of order"

Some time ago, there was much talk of a 34-year-old Japanese woman named Marie Kondo, who came to revolutionize the world of order in homes, social networks and also on the web.

But who is Marie Kondo, how did she become a fan of order? So much so that now he has his own program on Netflix and teaches others, even greeting "at home".

As indicated in an interview for Google, Marie was born in 1984 in Tokyo to a family that has always encouraged her to follow the path of order, as she herself commented. In fact, after five years, the first features of his "obsession" were already present. "I always thumbed through every issue of a magazine to which my mother was enrolled and how to organize the house," he said.

He had a book in which he learned to get rid of things, and since then he has been constantly looking for new guides and guidelines. "One day I did this with my room, the next day with my brother's, and the next day my sister, then the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, my friend's house and then the classroom I think I spent a lot of my teens ordering things, "he said.

When she was 16 she felt that her play did not help keep her calm, so she grabbed a trash bag and went into her room ready to throw it all away, however, all she got was a collapse and then fainting . It was when he lived the most mystical experience of his life and that would make it what it is today.

"That was the climax of my stress, and at that moment I fainted and fainted.A few hours later I woke up and in my mind the phrase" look at things more carefully "appeared.I do not know if it was a real voice or something which came from myself, I think it was "the god of order." At that time, I had my inspiration, "he revealed to the Sunday Times in 2016.

Two years later, working at a kiosk in a Shinto shrine, she was able to experience spirituality, then studied sociology at the University of Christian Women in Tokyo, and at the same time formed a consultant so popular that she had three months of waiting list. Faced with such success, he could not do anything but write his first book in 2011.

From the United States, they invited her to television shows, where she talked about her method, but everything was different when she married a Japanese businessman named Takumi Kawahara, with whom she had two girls and although Marie wanted to teach her method, she I hardly knew I was pregnant. the reality is a bit different. "When I found out I was pregnant, I argued with my husband about the space we should invest in. For example, how many drawers should we give our daughter," he told the Wall Street Journal in 2017. Still, not everything worked the way he wanted it to and he chose to soften his system with the girls.

Now he does not look for them to eliminate the toys they do not use, but he simply has a set space to store them. Apparently, the arrival of these little ones made him relax a little with his obsession.

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