WhatsApp would include fingerprint locking as a security measure


For WhatsApp users, one of the most important issues in using it is the security of their conversations and that they do not end up in the wrong hands. That's why the application would be developing new ways to keep users protected.

In this case, the new measure that would be implemented is the option for users to activate fingerprint locking. This information was revealed through the website WaBetaInfo, page specialized in researching the latest news in WhatsApp.

According to the portal, this function would work for all computers that have an operating system superior to Android Marshmallow and would be under the name "Authentication" in the privacy settings.

Enabling this feature will protect all functions provided by the application, whether external or conversational. So, to access any content, WhatsApp should unlock with fingerprint.

That yes, there is no specific date for the arrival of the lock with footprint.


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