WhatsApp may be listening and then they can check their conversations


Curiosity killed the cat. In fact, there is a very simple method that someone may be curious about in your WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp is one of the main targets of hackers and virtual criminals simply because it is present in the vast majority of cell phones. Currently; practically every person you have with a smartphone has an account Whatsapp

Although be honest; not only are hackers eager to see the foreign conversations. Surely your partner, enemies or acquaintances would not mind looking at your conversations, right? And there is a fairly simple way in which they could do it. Yes despite encryption.

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WhatsApp Web, the accomplice of the stalkers

For the curious, it is very easy to enter your session through WhatsApp Web. All they need is a computer, Internet connection and cell phone access, even in a few minutes (or seconds).

Knowing the method, the "spy" can read all your conversations (only if your phone is connected to the internet) and; You can even send messages with your account

In the beginning, when WhatsApp Web had just appeared, there was no way to detect that this was happening. At least not at the moment.

However, the app realized that the privacy of its users was at risk and started working.

The company has released an update for some time that already warns with a small message on your mobile if your web session is open. But only this.

That is, even if the message appears, it will still be possible for third parties to enter your account. And above, the message only appears when the web is active. That is, when they are browsing between your messages. Not when the session is open.

Stop them

Fortunately, there are ways to get that "inquisitive" person who is snooping around your messages.

You can close the application account, you just have to access it and go to the settings. Then click on the WhatsApp Web and you will find information about the open sessions; as well as the option to close them.

Another option, though perhaps is not the most useful, is to immediately disconnect the phone from the Internet: signal or Wi-Fi data.

So any session on WhatsApp Web will no longer be active, as you can remember; you must have your phone connected to the internet in order to use it. Of course: only this session will be disabled while the cell phone remains disconnected.

But if you want to prevent someone from entering your web session from the beginning, block your phone with code, standard, nip or fingerprint.

This way nobody will have access to your WhatsApp or you will be able to scan with your application the code that allows you to login to the web. Stay tuned for any WhatsApp notification that sounds strange.


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