What to do if your phone does not change its schedule?


This Saturday, April 6, at midnight, Chile went to live in winter, which means that the clocks were delayed one hour. The time has "come back" from 00:00 to 23:00 in almost all regions, except in Magallanes.

Most clocks are set manually, while Windows computers are automatically adapted to the new spindle. In addition, something happened with several not-so-smart phones, which followed with daylight saving time.

What to do if your device has not been updated? The solution is to go to the clock function and change the usage time by choosing the -04: 00 GMT. This is the right way for your phone to have no synchronization problems.

Android step by step:

1) Go to Settings -> System -> Date and time.

2) Disable the automatic time zone.

3) Modify the time zone and choose La Paz, Bolivia, which says UTC -4.

On the iPhone:

1) Go to Settings -> General -> Date and time.

2) Turn off the Automatic adjustment.

3) Choose the option La Paz, Bolivia, which says UTC -4.


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