What is the best diet for 2019? Experts say



For many, the beginning of the new year marks the beginning of a new diet. But what's the best way to eat if you want lose weight?

For a healthy diet in general, the best diet is the Mediterranean diet, according to the annual review of US diets. News and World Report. O DASH diet (for the abbreviations in English of dietary methods to stop hypertension) ranked second in the overall list of Best Diets for 2019 of the journal, followed by the dietary flexi. The three plans focus on eating a diet mainly of vegetable origin (vegetables, fruits and whole grains), healthy fats and lean protein sources.

"I hope these rankings guide people toward doing something healthy," said nutritionist Samantha Heller of NYU's Langone Health in New York.

"But I wish we were not so obsessed with weight loss and diets. I would like the approach to be adopted healthy lifestyle, for example, when eating a more plant-based diet, to exercise regularly, get enough sleep and manage stress; All of this can help us to have a better quality of life, "Heller said.

To that end, he said that the three main diets are similar in terms of their food content and that all can be healthy diets.

The Mediterranean diet has been linked to longer longevity and lower risk of chronic diseases, according to the report. The Mediterranean diet has also been ranked high in several categories, including easier-to-follow diets, better diets for healthy eating, better diets for diabetes and better diets for heart health.

If losing weight is part of your plans, these are the plans that led to the classification of the best plans to lose weight:

WW (Weight Watchers) The volumetric The flexi diet (tie) Jenny Craig (tie) The vegan diet (tie) Do you need to lose weight fast? These are the best plans to lose weight fast:

The HMR program The Atkins The ketogenic diet The Optavia WW Weightlifters (tie) Heller noted that many people feel they need to "push" their weight loss to motivate themselves. However, the problem with plans that focus on losing weight is that they do not teach you how to eat well every day.

"In these types of diets, often you do not learn to manage holidays, stressful days or special occasions, you do not develop lifelong strategies," he said.

The easiest diets to follow are the Mediterranean, the Flexitarian and the WW (Weight Watchers).

The magazine asked a panel of nutrition experts to review 41 diet plans. Like Heller, panelists emphasized the importance of balanced and sustainable diets that were not too restrictive. These types of diets can help teach positive eating habits throughout life.

Lifestyle diets, such as the Mayo Clinic diet and the MIND diet, are healthier and more sustainable than weight loss plans, such as the ketogenic diet or Atkins, participants concluded.

Although the popular ketogenic diet has a high rating in terms of rapid weight loss, it ranked first in the Best Diets list with 38. Other diets at the end of the list are the Dunkan diet, the Body Reset diet, and the whole diet30.

"I think diets that do not differentiate between healthy and unhealthy fats are ultimately an unhealthy way to lose weight," Heller said.

But the diet that heads any list is not necessarily the best diet for you. Choosing a diet is "very individual," Heller noted, adding that you should find a diet plan that works well for you. And with some luck, one that teaches you to eat healthy for a lifetime.

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