What if Steam were no longer the spoiled child of the PC Master Race?


For some years it was adopted Steam as the service par excellence within the PC industry. What has been developed as a way to more comfortably update the Valve games and combat piracy has become the industry standard for PCs.

The figures of this giant are currently dumb. No more to see how many games were released in 2017 (a total of 7,762 titles at a rate of more than 21 per day) and the impact that the reductions cause in their community of players.

However, something has been changing for some years and the recent news of the opening of the Epic Games Store are just another example of not everyone is comfortable with Valve's monopoly, Amazingly.

I can not be without … Satisfactory …

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Beyond Epic Games has launched its new store (as they did EA, Ubisoft or Blizzard without going any further), the funny thing is that Coffee Stain Studios (team responsible for the elusive Goat Simulator) decided to leave the Steam side of the Epic Games Store . And exclusively.

This mass phenomenon called Fortnite seems to have been a sufficient claim for the creators of Unreal Tournament (currently in stand-byAs we suspect, we have fully launched the creation of a store of its own and several studios bet on it. It is logical, on the other hand, those great benefits, with a percentage of 88% of the profits.

With saying that until backgammon with its Journey (up to the exclusive date of PS3 and PS4) is added to the car soon, it seems that many people will have to get used to having several services for the PC to manage their entire catalog. Is here nor should we forget discord, which recently entered the videogame market completely, as well as being a program to talk while we play, with some exclusive (temporary, yes) to each other, such as slasher online Last year: the nightmare.

The ideal would be to have everything centralized (what Valve has proposed with Steam), but today the gap in the PC industry continues to open even more, where it is more common to have an account in this service, another in GOG (with its own exclusivity, mainly in the market more retro) and big companies like Blizzard, EA and Ubisoft. Only Microsoft is giving in to pressure from time to time so that not all of the Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusives are limited to the Microsoft Store, as was the case with Sunset Overdrive.

Steam is no longer the only destination on the PC

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In consoles this seems unthinkable, because each one has its own official store, but in the PC the supply is more and more varied and we are seeing how it grows with time, which is not bad either per se when comparing prices to see where it costs less a game for PC, except by managing our virtual libraries and dispensing certain functions.

Then there's the fact that the largest companies with their own store are exclusively booking their best titles, as with Blizzard's security guards (from Overwatch to Destiny 2 through Starcraft II and World of Warcraft, is not available on Steam) or Electronic Arts (Battlefield V also is not in the service of Valve, although there are other portions of the DICE saga).

In the case of EA, we must add the exclusive signature of Origin Access following the current models that give us an ample catalog of games for an association of one or more months, until the whole year. That's why Microsoft is betting a lot, without further ado, with the Xbox Game Pass, having the most similar in the PC industry with the not so flashy (for now) Utomik.

That there is competition for us For us as consumers, but we have Valve having to rethink certain aspects (the benefits of the Epic Games Store for the creator are a point of differentiation) if you do not want to lose more pieces of your cake. Although it does not appear that he will lose his reign … After all, we are talking a service that has been active for more than 15 years and this is practically a standard when we talk about a PC game in digital.

You probably have to get accustomed (increasingly) to Steam, though it would be worse if GOG implemented a DRM in your catalog, right?


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