What are Chileans looking for in the "Deep Web"?


The Internet is much broader than you think. With a shape similar to a iceberg experts describe the levels that are presented on the web, where the surface is what we all know and where we sail every day.

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O Deep internet is invisible is not connected to the search engines we use. This hidden side of the iceberg is divided in two: Deep web and Dark web.

At the Deep web you can find content that violates the law, such as trafficking in drugs and weapons, murders and child pornography. While on the Dark web you can find the darkest videos from across the Internet.

To access the darkest of the Internet, you must have the browser Tor, the platform that opens the doors to the deep web, besides taking measures necessary to safeguard personal data.

Given the massive use of this hidden portal, the PDI cybercrime brigade managed to collect the the trends most sought by Chileans that enter the dark web.

According to The Fourth, child pornography is the most sought after, which is not far from the world reality, where it also ranks first.

The hidden side of the computer's iceberg is divided into two: Deep web and Dark web.

In second place are the tutorials for hack bank accounts. While the purchase of damn itlike marijuana seeds Cripy, is the third place of preference.

O show figures national occupy the fourth place because users expect to find some intimate picture or personal data of the characters of the show.

Finally, black humor or better known as content gore, where you can see the contents of exposed injuries or people involved in accidents, is ranked fifth.

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It should be noted that the Deep web It is a very dangerous terrain, especially if you are unaware about information protection and the risks that are run in case you log in.


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