What Adriana Paniagua tried in the dressing rooms of the Miss Universe


Miss Nicaragua, Adriana Paniagua, shared several photographs that showed what she experienced backstage at the Miss Universe 2018 preliminary track.

Chinandegana had a special time to take pictures with My Philippines, Catriona Gray, one of the great favorites.

It is very curious that Paniagua published a postcard with Miss Filipina as the first photo of the gallery on Instagram, reporting that many media put her as the new Miss Universe.

In the locker room, during the moments leading up to the preliminary in a bathing suit, she was very close to Romina Lozano (Miss Peru) and Rosa Iveth Montezuma (Miss Panama). These Latinas are also strong candidates to be in the final of the Miss Universe.

In the moments that preceded the premiliminar of the catwalk in the gala dress, matuvu near Miss Peru and Angela Ponce, who was a little sad and took a photo shared by Paniagua.

Paniagua has shown great support to Ponce, he met in early October, when he visited Spain since then, he can not be left out in some souvenir photos.

A good relationship with all the candidates

Throughout his visit to Thailand, Paniagua overflowed a tremendous luster for his charisma and popularity among the candidates. Their social networks are full of photos with the beauty of different countries.

The charisma of pinoy beauty stands out in the selfies, where girls tend to have different expressions of affection such as hugs, kisses on the cheeks and smiles between the other contestants.

Adriana Paniagua has been very friendly and close to Valeria Morales, Miss Colombia, candidate that caused divisions, because in the beginning she criticized Angela Ponce, Miss Spain.

Paniagua took two photographs with Valeria. In the two postcards, Miss Colombia seems very happy with Paniagua.

Matter to you:

Remember that Valeria Morales was criticized for not having much sympathy for the other mises. The rumors sounded when you saw Virginia Limongi, Miss. Ecuador, waving in the foreground, while behind you sees Miss. Colombia giving a ugly face.

The followers in the social networks launched a shower of comments against the Colombian.

Tremendous walkway Miss Nicaragua

Miss Nicaragua, did a tremendous show of catwalk in a swimsuit at a special performance of the Miss Universe 2018.

Paniagua was fresh and very spontaneous. She has shown that she is well prepared and that the training she has had in the United States is paying off.
She modeled on a light blue swimsuit that made her look very young, she wore beautiful earrings and a tall tail that made her look great.
With this demonstration the unique one seems very strong to be chosen in the first top 20, in which 5 of each continent are chosen.

With this event it is clear the preparation of candidates and the ability to grow on the catwalk, without doubt is the most difficult test before the event.

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