WhatsApp is the preferred application for millions of people worldwide get in touch with friends and family.

But something that usually happens – especially with images or videos – is that One of the contacts in a group may lose part of a conversation when reviewing previous messages.

Although by the end of 2018 the option has been released on iPhone and Android mobile phones, watch videos from external applications in a floating window so you do not interrupt conversations, there are a third number of users who still had problems with audiovisual content.

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Users of WhatsApp Web, that by being at work or busy with the computer, they need to use the messaging application away from their phones.

It's true that on a computer, external videos (shared from YouTube or other platforms) can be seen on another browser tab, thus preventing interruption, but What happens to the videos a contact sends after "uploading" to WhatsApp?.

Well, now thanks to update 0.3.2041 users. WhatsApp Web can also enable a floating window to not interrupt a conversation while playing a video and the steps are as follows.

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You must be using a computer running Windows or Mac OS. Sign in to WhatsApp Web and connect your phone by opening the application and pressing the "Menu" or "Settings" option, then point the camera from the mobile phone to the screen to scan the code.


Enter the conversation you want to keep and have the video (s) that interrupts it. Click on the video to start playing it and, in the upper right corner of the image, press the "Open in the floating window" symbol.


Enjoy the videos at the top right of the chat and keep talking to your family or friends. The "Open in Floating Window" icon also appears if the user hover over a video before playing it.

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