We tried the "Hamburguesa Imposible" at CES 2019: "It's not so juicy, but the taste is incredible" | Society


In Las Vegas, the United States, the 2019 edition of CES, the most important technological fair in the world, and one of its most interesting attractions is not an electronic device, but a food.

It is the second generation of the "Impossible Burger"", product created by the company Impossible Foods who was dedicated years ago to perfect a hamburger identical to beef but made from vegetable.

The meatless hamburger has been developed since 2011, seeking to perfectly emulate the taste, texture and juiciness of beef burgers, based on the fact that the protein that gives the meat its flavor and color is called heme, and a simile can be cultivated with legumes, as in the case of soybean leghemoglobin.

Sandra Zeballos He tried the hamburger at CES, and commented that "the stroller smells like you're doing a barbecue," describing the food as "Not so juicy, but the taste is amazing. It is not a sign of plants or soybeans. "

"If you serve them on a birthday, I think many would not notice it's a meatless burger"he concluded.


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