Watching Youtube Videos on the Nintendo Switch Could Be a Reality


The news that the Nintendo Switch could have the Youtube application within itself caused great agitation,
because the console generally does not have third-party applications.

This fact came after the YouTube channel, NintendHOME, which specializes in everything that revolves around Nintendo, said that very soon the application could be seen inside the device, because the video platform logo was found in the applications on the Nintendo website.

Similarly, ResetEra announced that several users had found the Youtube logo and a link to what would be the download link.

According to the message that appears on the large N page, the application will be released on November 8thHowever, none of the two companies involved came to confirm this fact, so the odds are still 50-50.

You can now buy tickets to your favorite YouTube shows

Will we have to wait to see if the ad was true, or was it just a rumor to confuse the users of the
Nintendo Switch; if it is a reality, we expect that another application will soon emerge, but this time consume all existing content Netflix.

Do you think it's real or you'll never see a Nintendo Switch?


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